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Welcome to Theatro Hotel Odysseon!

Theatro Hotel Odysseon is a fully renovated, 4 star boutique hotel in the picturesque town of Kalabaka. The unique view to Meteora is breathtaking, as the property is located just beneath the imposing rocks. Enjoy comfort and exceptional accessibility to the sights and attractions of the area, as you spend your vacation in the friendly and welcoming environment of a wonderful Meteora hotel.

Inspired by some of the most famous theatrical plays of all times, our rooms will take you to an imaginary world "where Fairytales come to Life..."


In Thymeli Food+Drinks you will get the chance to enjoy real Greek flavors from all over the country, along with some of the finest wines from Greece, specially selected for our guests and friends.

Greek Breakfast
Greek Breakfast
Greek Breakfast

We have collected for you the best recipes and original Greek flavors of the area and prepared the best breakfast in town for you!


Kalabaka is so much more than Meteora! Finish your tour in the Monasteries that are just a few minutes away from the hotel and let us help you discover all the other beauties of the vicinity!

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Greek Breakfast
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Theatro Hotel Odysseon
54, Patriarchou Dimitriou Str. 
Kalabaka, Trikala 42 200, Greece
Phone: (+30) 24320-94.444
Fax: (+30) 24320-94.444
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