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Theatro Hotel Odysseon
is a fully renovated, 4 star boutique hotel in the picturesque town of Kalabaka. The unique view to Meteora is breathtaking, as the property is located just beneath the imposing rocks. Enjoy comfort and exceptional accessibility to the sights and attractions of the area, as you spend your vacation in the friendly and welcoming environment of a wonderful Meteora hotel.

The concept of our Kalabaka hotel was born from our need to combine the art of Philoxenia with Theatro. The first word highlights Greek hospitality, while the second is the original Greek word for theatre. Both elements have been cornerstones of the famous Greek civilization. Indulge in supreme accommodation at one of the finest hotels of Meteora and allow us to pamper you, showing you just what these elements are about!

Built just 100 meters from the center of Kalabaka and at the same time away from the city buzz, our Meteora hotel will take you to places and times that sometimes look distant and forgotten, but they may as well be reaching today. This is a Kalabaka hotel that stands out among other hotels, thanks to its premium location and unique character.

The 17 rooms of our boutique hotel have been designed with love, care and with attention to the details that compose a cozy and chic Meteora hotel. The warm and welcoming ambience, the great food made of fresh, local Greek products and the modern facilities will make you feel at home and come back to your shelter in Meteora again and again. Easy access to and from Meteora will make your visit in town even more enjoyable.

Our team of professionals is ready to serve you in the best way and make your stay a memorable experience. Theatro Hotel Odysseon has come to establish itself as a Meteora hotel of quality, comfort and luxury. To remind us the authentic values of Greek Philoxenia, inside the magical and intriguing scenery, modernly equipped but at the same time with respect to the fabulous past.


Our vision is to become the most creative and innovative boutique hotel chain where fairytales come to life both for guests and employees.

Mission Statement
To make Theatro Hotels a boutique Hotel chain that creates the ideal environment for guests to live their fairytale, employees to reach their full potential and all stakeholders to embody their passion for hospitality, while preserving the sustainable resources, the human rights, local communities and traditions as well as the authentic values of Greek Philoxenia.
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Theatro Hotel Odysseon
54, Patriarchou Dimitriou Str. 
Kalabaka, Trikala 42 200, Greece
Phone: (+30) 24320-94.444
Fax: (+30) 24320-94.444
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